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          2021-03-29 17:16:15文/董玉瑩




          第Ⅰ卷 (選擇題 共45分)



          1. What kind of fruit does Lucy like better?

          4. How much should the man pay?

          A. 3 dollars. B. 8 dollars. C. 24 dollars.

          5.What time does Bob get up today?

          A. At 6:00 B. At 6:30 C. At 7:00

          6. Where is the man?

          A. On the street. B. At a restaurant. C. In a hospital.

          7. Which sign will the man see?

          A. No parking! B. No smoking! C. No taking photos.

          8. How will the boy go to school today?

          A. He will take the school bus.

          B. He will go in his mother’s car.

          C. He will go by bike.



          9. What was Betty’s hobby when she was a child?

          A. Singing. B. Reading. C. Drawing.

          10. How often did she take her lessons?

          A. Twice a month. B. Twice a week. C. Once a week.

          11. When did Betty start to win prizes in some competitions?

          A. When she was ten. B. When she was five. C. When she was fifteen.


          12. Where is Frank now?

          A. At home. B. At his grandma’s home. C. In Disneyland.

          13. What is Grace doing?

          A. He is checking my e-mail.

          B. He is sending a photo to the computer.

          C. He is taking a photo.

          14. Did Grace go to Shanghai last weekend?

          A. No, she didn’t. B. Yes, she did. C. Not mentioned.

          15. What are the two speaker doing according to the conversation?

          A. They are cooking at home.

          B. They are communicating online.

          C. They are taking photos.

          16. If you want to teach oral English, your personal information should be given by .

          A. writing a letter B. sending an email

          C. making a phone call D. giving a lecture

          17. How much is a ticket of Mo Yan’s lecture for kids under 12? .

          A. $10 B. $20 C. $30 D. for free

          18. Which of the following is true about the three advertisements?

          A. You can get Mo Yan’s autograph if you take his book Frog to the lecture.

          B. You may want to be the oral English teacher because you can make more money.

          C. The English Language Camp is a good choice for anybody who enjoys learning English.

          D. Mo Yan’s lecture will be held on weekdays.


          A young man entered the last interview of a company. The director found that the young man’s academic (學業的) grades were very good.

          “Did you get any scholarships(獎學金)in school?” the director asked. “None,” the young man answered.

          “Was it your father who paid for your school fees(學費)?” the director asked. “My father passed away when I was one year old, so it was my mother who paid for my school fees,” the young man answered.

          “Where did your mother work?” the director asked. “My mother cleaned clothes,” the young man said. The director looked at the young man’s hands. He had a pair of smooth and perfect hands.

          “Have you ever helped your mother wash the clothes before?” the director asked. “Never,” the young man answered. “I have a request,” the director said. “When you go back today, go and clean your mother’s hands, and then see me tomorrow morning.”

          The young man felt that his chance of getting the job was high. When he went back, he happily asked his mother to let him clean her hands. His mother felt strange; happy but with mixed feelings. She showed her hands to the kid. The young man cleaned his mother’s hands slowly. His tears fell as he did that. It was the first time he had noticed that his mother’s hands were so wrinkled (皺褶的).He realized it was this pair of hands that helped him pay the fees.

          The next morning, the young man went to the director’s office. “I cleaned my mother’s hands, and I know that without my mother. I would not be the person I am today,” he said.

          “This is what I am looking for in my manager,” the director said. “I want a person who can appreciate(感激) the help of others to get things done. You are hired.”

          19. What did the director ask the young man to do?

          A. To write a thank-you card to his mother. B. To wash his mother’s hands.

          C. To help his mother do housework. D. To clean the company’s floor.

          20. How did the young man’s mother feel when he washed her hands?

          A. She felt surprised. B. She had mixed feelings.

          C. She felt sad. D. She was filled with happiness.

          21. The director hired the young man because ________.

          A. he cleaned his mother’s hands

          B. he had good academic grades

          C. he could appreciate others’ help

          D. he knew how to thank his mother

          22. What does the writer mainly want to tell us?

          A. We should have working ability.

          B. We should get good academic grades.

          C. We should improve communication skills.

          D. We should appreciate


          Zhang Ming. a college graduate from Shandong,created a 9-page“WeChat guide” (微信指南) to parents. With drawings and simple words,the step-by-step guide explains how to send messages,take pictures and make video calls. “My parents are getting old. They need an easy way to learn how to use technology,”Zhang said.

          Zhang’s experience is common nowadays. In the world,40%of parents learn about new technology,including computers, mobile Internet and social media(社交媒體),from their children,according to a survey from the International Communication Association. Parents teach their kids almost everything when they are young. Now for the first time, the teachers become the students and the students become the teachers.

          The change of roles comes from the rapid development of society and technology,according to ZhouXiaohong,a professor from Nanjing University.Zhou said the Internet and other forms of media give children more ways to get information. So,it’s possible that children know more than their parents do these days.

          According to the China Internet Network Information Center,in China,56.7%of Internet users and 67.2%of social media users are under the age of 30. Young people usually act as a link between their family and the new environment. But when they teach their parents new technologies,parents can connect to the new world by themselves.

          In Zhang Ming’s eyes,teaching his parents about WeChat brings him closer to his parents. “People can communicate more by using new technology. Why should we keep our parents out?”said Zhang.

          23. From the first paragraph we learn that“We Chat guide” .

          A. is created by Zhang Ming’s parents

          B. has 19 pages

          C. explains how to send messages,take pictures and make video calls

          D. has only pictures in it

          24. What does the underlined word“they”refer to?

          A. Parents. B. Kids. C. Teachers. D. Students.

          25. What does the underlined word“link”mean?

          A. 權利 B. 典范 C. 素材 D. 紐帶

          26. From the passage we can infer (推斷) that .

          A. most parents learn about new technology all over the world

          B. young people can be their parents’ teachers in the age of new technology

          C. ZhangMing created“WeChat guide”in order to become famous

          D. old people needn’t to learn new technology

          D. six big desks were moved into Fan Xing’s classroom.

          28. What’s the purpose of the new classroom arrangement?     .

          A. Make the students feel fresh and interested.

          B. Divide big classes into small classes.

          C. Make more room for new students.

          D. Provide students with more chances for teamwork.

          29. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

          A. The students in Changsha Daotian Middle School are sitting in groups when having classes.

          B. The reform in the school is aimed at improving the students’ abilities for self-study.

          C. Studying in groups gives the students more confidence to concentrate on class.

          D. The new classroom arrangement also brings some new challenges to the teachers.

          30. What’s the best title for the whole text?

          A. Students’ Friendship B. Teachers’ Hope

          C. Discussion in Class D. New Classroom Arrangement






          1. Wednesday is the f day of a week.

          2. It’s too cold today so I’ll stay at home i of going out.

          3. Do you know the differences b the twins?

          4. It takes me twenty m to walk to school.

          5. We are looking forward to using free wi-fi (到處)in the near future.

          6. After school , the kids said goodbye to the teacher (禮貌)

          7. The boy is (勇敢的) enough to save the little girl from the river.

          8. This article tells us how to (避免) getting hurt while climbing.




          I was feeling a little sad because my mother had lost her job. One day, while I was walking on the street, I heard that a beautiful piece of piano music 1 (play) above the noise of the people. I walked more slowly to find out where it was coming from. Then I saw a young lady 2 (sit)at a piano.

          She was singing songs about love, believing yourself and keeping on 3 (try). I stood there 4 (quiet), watching her playing on such a crowded New York square. She noticed me. I walked over and told her how good her music sounded.

          “Well, my mom lost her job, and I'm not sure what to do ...”

          “ Did you notice the way you were walking? Your head was down.” she said. “ 5 (not be) upset, because opportunity comes in different ways and if your head is down, you might not see it. You should smile more ... lift your head up.”

          I smiled a little wilder, realizing that no difficulties could stop me from going on.


          Dear Peter,

          I can’t believe I’m here at last!

          Australia is great. We 6 (arrive) in Sydney nearly two weeks ago. Sydney, with its beautiful Opera House, is the 7 (large) city of Australia. We went to the Opera House 8 boat and I saw my first koala bears there.

          I’m in Melbourne now. It’s much smaller than London, but it’s also cleaner and quieter. We live in Uncle Tong?s house. His 9 (friend), Mr. and Mrs.Cheng, are from Hong Kong. They cooked us a great meal and we enjoyed it very much.

          I 10 (be)here for a few days.You know what its ingredients are? Could you please tell me when you write to me?

          Best wishes, Bernard

          It was a cold afternoon. Mom asked me to go to buy some milk. I asked Dad if I

          1 use his car. I just got my driver’s license. I thought it was a good chance for me to practice by myself. Dad loved his car and 2 allowed me to drive his car before. But after practicing for three months, I 3 wanted to have a try. Dad looked at me and finally agreed to let me use his car. I got into the car happily and started it. However, I was a little scared about 4 the car on my own and started it too quickly. The car hit my mother’s car! My family heard the loud 5 and everyone ran outside. I got out of the car and looked at Dad.

          I was really worried. I knew he loved his car very much. I 6 there. Just when I expected him to shout 7 me, he said quietly, “It’s OK, Jenny. As you can see, I love the car, but I love you much more.” On that day, I learned how much Dad loved me.



          Many famous people had dreams when they were young. They often worked hard to make their dreams come true. When I was only 13 years old, I first thought about what I should do in the future. I used to dream about being a basketball player, a soccer player, or a baseball player. However, I gave up these dreams because I was too short. Then I thought about going into music, so I bought a guitar. But I couldn’t play it very well. Then I had to give up my dream again. After that I thought about being a reporter and I worked really hard at it. At the age of 25, my dream came true and I became a reporter Finally, I learned the truth about making dreams come true. I should never give up and I must work hard.

          1. How old was the writer when he first had a dream? (no more 5 words)

          2. Why did he give up being a basketball player? (no more 5words)

          3. Did his dream come true at last?(no more than 3words)

          4. 翻譯文中劃線的句子

          5. 給短文擬一個合適的標題


          假如你是 Li lei,請你結合自己對三年初中生活與學習的感悟,要求:

          1. 語句通順,時態正確,符合邏輯。

          2. 字數 70 個左右(開頭已給出, 不計入總詞數)。內容要點如下:


          第I卷(選擇題 共45分


          1-5 ABACC 6-10 CCBAB 11-15 CABBB


          16-20 BAABB 21-25 CDCBD 26-30 BADCD


          1. 第I卷為選擇題,共計45分。

          2. 1-15小題,每小題1分,計15分;16-30小題,每小題2分,計30分。



          1. food 2. feed 3. closed 4. rubbish 5. sounds



          1. fourth 2. instead 3. between 4. minutes

          5. everywhere 6. politely 7. brave 8. avoid







          1. was played 2. sitting 3. trying 4. quietly 5. Don’t be

          6. arrived 7. largest 8. by 9. friends 10. have been



          1. could 2. never 3. really 4. driving

          5. noise 6. stood 7. at



          1. He was 13 years old..

          2. Because he was too short.

          3. Yes, it did./Yes

          4. 他們經常努力工作去實現他們的夢想。

          5. Never give up your dream(意思貼近即可)




          3. 第4小題:意思正確,語句通順,可給2分;雖意思正確,但表達不符合漢語習慣,可給1分。

          4. 第5小題:能全面概括主旨大意,雖與答案不完全一致,也可給2分;所寫題目只涵蓋了部分主旨大意,可給1分。


          Welcome to our school!

          We will graduate from my school. Therefore I’d like to share something with you. Firstly , it is important for you to make full use of time since you will get many more subjects in the middle school. Secondly, try to keep balance between school life and study. You must do more exercise to keep healthy. What’s more, you can join some clubs to make school life more colorful in your spare time. In this way, you can also make more friends. As we all know, a true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart. So you should learn and help each other. At last, if you meet problems in your school life, try to talk with your teachers or parents. They are always there for you.I want to go to senior high school.I hope my dream will come true.

          I hope all of you will have a wonderful middle school life.